Hospital Center of Périgueux - Phase 2

Hospital Center of Périgueux


CH Périgueux


PHASE 1 : General contractor, Diagnostic, SSI
PHASE 2 : General contractor of technical structures, VRD, Fluids, Specific equipment, BIM Management,


Perigueux (24)


The Hospital Center of Périgueux puts the Mother and Child division in the heart of the technical capacities. This reorganization is an opportunity to redo and extend the operating block, the emergency and resuscitation block, cardiology and the entire consultation center. A new entrance to this reconstructed hospital will be clearly marked on the south facade.

Objective: General contractor, Diagnostic, SSI

Specificities :

Hospitalization mothers 43 beds, children 24 beds, neonatology and neonatology SI 12 beds, cardiology 60 beds, USIC 15 beds.

Resuscitation medicalosurgical 10 beds, SI adults 6 beds.

New heavy technical platform including:

  • operating block, endoscopy block, obstetrical block and SSPI,
  • Emergencies SAMU SMUR, Emergency Imagery

Consultation area, day hospital and short-term hospitalization unit

Total area in work close to 27.000 m²

Duration of works: 42 months (4 phases)

Architects and partners: Michel Beauvais, L. Ette.

Value of works: € 50 million

Years: 2004 - 2010





Realization of the last tranche of the master plan of the Hospital Center of Périgueux (246 beds) including:

  • construction of a 180-bed hospital building for medical and surgical activities (pneumology, thoracic, cardiology, neurology, geriatrics, oncology, etc.)
  • construction of a building housing the angio-coronary angiography platform
  • restructuring of an existing building for functional explorations, consultations, cardiovascular and neuro-vascular intensive care and HDJ

The operation allows all of these new activities to be linked to the functional heart of the hospital.

This large-scale modernization in a busy site aims to offer patients and nursing staff a new comfort of use guided by a compact and functional footprint.

Objective: General contractor of technical structure, HHT, Fluids, Electricity, Specific equipment, BIM Management, Synthesis of execution studies, CSSI

Architects and partners: Michel Beauvais, J.L. Piquet

Specificities: Site occupied, phasing, rehabilitation

Value of works: 27.5 M €

CH of Périgueux - Phase 1
CH of Périgueux - Phase 1
CH of Périgueux - Phase 1
CH of Périgueux - Phase 1
CH of Périgueux - Phase 1
CH of Périgueux - Phase 2
CH of Périgueux - Phase 2